When your ambition is to grow and improve fundamentally, we believe that your process needs to be equally fundamental. The Boudewijns Advisory Group (BAG) encompasses many years of expertise and experience in organisation consultancy, training, coaching and research. One of our conclusions is that learning new and more effective behavior will only be effective when it is thouroughly embedded in the organisation.

For that particular reason, dr. Johan Boudewijns founded the BAG. We use a method based on his PhD that makes it possible to anchor change in the organization.

The iceberg is an image we use to illustrate an organisation. Results of an organization are determined by the entire iceberg. 7% is above the water surface: here you find the organization's 'hard ware' like procedures, processes, appraisal cycle, KPI's etc. However, 93% of the organization is beneath the surface. It is our job and expertise to let our clients grasp the potential of this 93%.