The 6 cultural patterns which result in a reliable organizational performance in a mostly unpredictable world

Leaders in organisations struggle with 3 key objectives: being internally in control, delivering the promise to the client, and being ready for the future. This is not easy in the mostly unpredictable world we are living in. This book explains why leaders should focus on embedding the 6 cultural patterns in their organization (part 1). Reveals what is holding organizations back (part 2). Explains how you can get there (part 3). Part 3 also gives examples of change trajectories at 3 client organizations including a reflection from the involved assignment givers.

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BAG Field of expertise

Organizational performance is determined by the entire ice berg: 7% of the ice berg is above the water surface. This entails the visible parts of the organisation: the written rules (like procedures, processes, KPI’s, targets, appraisal cycle, etc). The part of the iceberg below the water surface (93%), are the unwritten rules (the organizational culture). Our expertise is to give our clients a deep understanding of the behavioural patterns in their organization, including the root causes, impact on business results. Thereafter we develop and implement in close collaboration with a projectteam (and aligned with other initiatives running in the organization) a change trajectory to bend the undesired unwritten rules towards an effective behavioural culture.


Boudewijns Advisory Group

For an effective behavioral culture

BAG is an organization consultancy that helps organizations to embed an effective behavioral culture.

Behavior is attached to every organizational activity. The effectiveness of this behavior therefore plays a crucial role in achieving objectives. Behavior assesses quality, safety, efficiency, profitability and not least job satisfaction.

Existing behavior is driven by the unwritten rules; one of the pillars of our expertise. They give a grip on behavior and make it changeable. We help the organization to become aware of more effective behavior and to go through the change. 

Customers see improvement in every result area, produced by people who enjoy their work. We believen and have experienced that it is satisfying to be successful.